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Rewind Supplements

Often the reason you are experiencing all the symptoms of aging is due to a lack of essential feel good hormones, especially one in particular. IGF-1. When you were younger you had this in abundance! But as you age unfortunately your body makes these hormones in much smaller amounts. Rewind naturally occurring IGF-1 500ng daily high potency, sub lingual lozenges can help us support your IGF-1 levels.

The role of naturally produced IGF-1 is:

Maintain elasticity in your skin and ligaments
Maintain healthy blood pressure
Support your immune system
Help in healing and recovery
Maintain joint mobility
Support healthy libido
Maintain cognitive ability. Memory Intelligence!
Maintain a healthy body composition

How to use:

Take one sublingual lozenge daily.

our sublingual delivery system ensures enhanced bio-availability-place under tongue- DO NOT SWALLOW.

Size: 30 Sublingual Lozenges

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