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O Cosmedics O Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray
O Cosmedics O Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray

This triple-action spray protects and nurtures the skin microbiome and pH, offers intense 360° liquid hydration and seals and sets skincare and makeup application.

O-Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray acts as a prebiotic to help create and maintain a healthy environment for skin microbiome and also a postbiotic focusing on natural ingredients to nourish the skin and support healthy barrier care. Active ingredient OXY229 has a 98% natural origin, and feeds the good bacteria in the skin while helping to provide essential nutrients for an environment it can flourish in.

Good to Know: Spray during the day as often as required. To set your makeup, spray after makeup application, wait 30 seconds and then spray again.

Key Ingredients

OXY 229 Microbiome, Betaine, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hyaluronate, Liftonin® Express

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