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My LED Face Mask Kit Masks & Peels
My LED Face Mask Kit Masks & Peels
My LED Face Mask Kit Masks & Peels


Powered by light therapy!

The Dp Dermaceuticals LED mask uses LED (light-emitting diodes) wavelengths that are clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production cells. The skin is naturally plumped and absorbs skincare products more effectively. Maximise your Dermapen microneedling results! 


The DpD LED uses optimised parameters to ensure powerful delivery, equivalent to clinic-only devices. One reason for this is the close proximity of the LED diodes to the surface of the skin, as the silicon mask is able to mould to the face, and the energy delivered to the skin changes due to the distance of the light from the surface, known as “Inverse Square Law”. 

By applying this methodology, this device delivers comparable intensities and doses of light to in-clinic machines, which are designed to sit further away from the skin. The DpD LED is able to deliver 18 joules of energy in ten minutes, by being positioned close to the face. 

This amount of power to the skin is equivalent to an accumulative dose of 196 joules over 4 weeks, with 3 x 10-minute treatments a week. This compares to the industry standard “Omnilux” machine which delivers 184 joules over 4 weeks of 2 x 20-minute sessions. It is key to understand that cumulative dosages are important. 

Light-therapy devices use different kinds of light, however, the effects of red and near-infrared light (NIR) are the most studied. Red light is often used to treat skin conditions, whereas NIR can penetrate much deeper. 

A certain level of energy is required to start the biochemical reaction in the cell. If the device is dividing that energy into different colours, then it may not have enough output in the important Red/NIR wavelengths to get the desired results, making the device ineffective. 

Why not use Blue Light? Blue light's main role is to kill the P. acnes bacteria, and it works quite well for this. However, it does not have anywhere near the impact on reducing redness, inflammation and circulation as Red/NIR does. Focusing on the power of the device by utilising only the red and/NIR light ensures the output is optimised. Therefore, in order to kill the P. acnes bacteria, the combined use of CliniPrep (which kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores whilst promoting faster healing) spritzed onto the skin prior to using the Red/NIR light gives superior results for acne than if blue light mixed with red light was used.

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