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Kiki Health Food State Zinc
Kiki Health Food State Zinc
Kiki Health Food State Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body, particularly due to its anti-inflammatory effects for acne and acne related scarring.

In fact, zinc is the second-most-abundant trace mineral in your body after iron, and yet your body can’t produce or store it. The only way to obtain it is through food or supplements.

Naturally created from pure whole foods, Kiki Health’s Food State Zinc with copper and inulin is easy to absorb, nutrient-dense, clean and potent. Food State supplements are fully formed food nutrients identical to those provided by the plant, which is better absorbed, retained and used by the human body, making the zinc more bioavailable and more bio-effective.

Zinc and copper compete for the same absorption sites, and an abundance of zinc will lead to a deficit of copper. To avoid this, Kiki Health zinc is mixed with copper

Zinc – 5% Food State On Yeast (~5% Zn)
Copper – 1% Food State On Yeast (~1% Cu)
Chicory Root (Cichorium intybus) – Soluble Fibre 90% Fructans (Inulin)
No added fillers, binders or synthetic nutrients.

Our Food State Zinc supplement provides over 150% of the recommended daily intake of zinc and 100% copper per capsule.

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