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Janesce B Complex Supplements
Janesce B Complex

The B complex vitamins are a group of water soluble vitamins, they play a crucial role in skin health (espcially B2 & B6) simply because of there interaction with Essential Fatty Acids. They must be present in order for our bodies to utilize FEA's & they also ensure that the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland gets out of the follicular canal & onto the skins surface. essential for skin health but unfortunately we can often be lacking in these important nutrients.
Eating refinded foods, being stressed, & taking medications like contraceptive pill can result in a deficiency of B vitamins. 
B Complex vitamins work in-cojuntion with essential fatty acids to ensure a good sebaceous flow & prevent comedomes from forming. This makes this supppliment ideal for those skins experiencing very dry or conjested skin.

How to use: Take one capsule daily with a meal preferably breakfast or lunch as some people can find it too stimulating if taken in the afternoon or evening. 

Size: 60 capules

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